Women needs fair law to end gender impunity

Women groups commemorating IWD in Kapoeta, Eastern Equatoria IWD 2021

South Sudanese Women advocate associations call on the government to amend non-discriminatory law and end female impunity in society.

The association demanded womanhood protection under the new law during International women’s day. Hundreds of women gathered on Monday at South Sudan judiciary compounds in Juba to honor the day.

International women’s day is celebrated every year to recognize the rights of women in the world. The theme of this year is “choose to challenges in fighting for your rights.”

South Sudan transitional constitution guaranteed protection to women, girls, and vulnerable groups with special needs as stipulated in article 2.1 (10.2) and Article 10.12.

Marth Jobe Jeremiah is the Secretary-General for Women Advocate fighting for the rights of women in South Sudan. She says the day gives women moral obligations to fight gender disparity in the country.

She blamed some traditional norms are encouraging injustice that denied women the right to participate in national affairs.

Jobe said they face discriminatory gender inequality, including girls forced to marriage at an early age, domestic violence, sexual and emotional buses, rapping, and female genital mutilation.

Mrs.Jobe explained the importance of women’s day, saying the day portrayed essential solidarity to empower women. She said that they wanted the new law to be enacted to protect women in the constitution permanent process to end harmful practices and cycles of gender-based violence.

Association learned many women in the rural and urban centers don’t know their rights and need civic education. They promised that uninformed groups should be aware of their rights.

“The constitution gives us the right to inherit my father, and also I can inherit my husband’s property, but the traditional does not give us that. It takes that away from us. Have we started the fight in demanding our rights?  We are trying slowly by slowly in demanding for it”, Martha caution.

Female lawyer for International Peace and the rule of law Faskulina Anyang Angelo says women are very important people who need respect. Men should educate their wives so that they can play significant roles in society.

“Women are strong, they help their families economically, they raised children, and the event helps their husbands.”

On July 2, 2020, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan had documented 224 cases of conflict-related sexual violence affecting 133 women, 66 girls, 19 men, and 6 boys.  UNMISS revealed previous incidents which affected 55 women and 26 girls took place between 2014 and 2018.

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