Women Peace and Security Conference host in Juba

Women Peace and Security conference in Juba, Tuesday 19th October 2021.

On Tuesday, women conference in Juba discuss ways to participates in the peace agreement effectively and nation-building.

The two-day conference brought together top women leaders in the government and private sector. It’s the second annual event women marked in Juba to identify areas that need strengthening to pave the way for sustainable peace in South Sudan.

It called for women to take stock of progress made in the Women Peace and Security agenda, including implementing the R-ARCSS.

The Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Angelina Teny, says there is a need to include grassroots women in the initiatives that empower females.

“There have been a lot of activities being done here in Juba without including the women from the grassroots and the states. These are the implementers who are close with most of our people and our constituencies,” Teny said.

Hon: Teny further stated that women should not be ignored in the security reform as they are the center of the security sector.

“Our security sector has not been transformed since we came from that background of war. We concentrate on other things, but our security sector needs to be transformed to become a professional sector, which allows women to be part of it,” She stated.

Plan International South Sudan Country Director, George Otim, says the future insecurity is the barrier to girls’ access to education and early marriage. He called the stakeholders to ensure such norms that discriminate against gender should be stopped.

“The big issue is the early child force marriage. I know the Minister of gender, child, and social welfare is at the forefront to advance against this course. There is also a National Action Plan to end early child marriages. So, we would like to work together on that matter,” Otim added.

He also urges the government to enforce 30% affirmative action in the private sector and NGOs to ensure women participate fully.

The undersecretary in the national Ministry of Gender, child and social welfare, Esther Ikere, says that women’s voices empower them to be agents of change that provide international activism.

She mentioned that gender equality means fair justice and the distribution of resources equitably. 

She acknowledges the participation of women in the current unity government.

 “Women’s participation in the peace process got better over the years. Women representatives were given secretariat status in the revitalized agreement, which gave them the key roles of stakeholders for monitoring the implementation of the peace agreement”.

The conference hosted 120 participants from different parts of the country, including diplomats and heads of NGOs, CSOs, Women’s groups from, and Academia.


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