Women’s representation vital at States cabinet’s Environment Minister said”

President Salva Kiir (Center) FVP Riek Machar (Left) VP James Wani (Right) others three VPs and Chief Justice sitting during Governors swearing-in ceremony. (July 1, 2020, President Press Unit’s photo)

The National Minister of Environment and Forestry has calls on the governors to consider the women and youth representation in accordance with the revitalized peace agreement parties signed in 2018.

Hon: Josephine Napwon, is a Minister of Environment in the Transitional Government of National Unity – RTGoNU.

She said youth and women are more active and can deliver services to the people.

Napwon appealed to the state governors that there is a need to select strong people during these three years of the Transitional period.

My first message to the governor Louis Labong is the issue of 35% affirmative action for women. You should consider the women in your gov’t we have said a lot about them. In the states, they normally bring one woman if they want their representation, and yet maybe five are needed so this time around we want a lot of women to be in the gov’t.

 We want the women and youth we want the blood which is still action the old ones should first rest a bit we want this time the youth in the gov’t. This is a new beginning and we need to start with new people and new energy” said Napwon”

According to the peace agreement, 35% share allocated to women representation at all levels of government.

However, the Minister further urges Eastern Equatoria state government not to allow de-afforestation in the region.

Josephine Napwon Cosmos emphases that forest attract rainfall, control soil erosion and provide others benefit to communities and they need to be protected

She warned the people cutting trees to burn charcoal to resort to another work that can generate some income for their families.

Napwon said the state government should adopt a policy that protects forests.

Am the minister for environment and forestry Mr. Governor the issue of destruction of forest in eastern Equatoria state is worst this the challenges that I have been getting all this time. Our commissioners enter the destruction of the forest, our soldiers left the work of uniform and enter the bush to cut the trees and I have been blamed. Inspector general of the army please advise your comrade to let them not cut the trees. I know the state in eastern Equatoria they supposed to preserve the forest and these are the challenges I have been getting all these years. She said

The Minister made these remarks on Thursday during the welcoming of Eastern Equatoria state Governor in Torit.

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