Young girl rape by multiple men survive in Yirol.

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A 14 years girl raped at Yali village on Tuesday 22nd, has been admitted in Yirol hospital due to severe physical and internal injuries. The medical doctor reported that the victim was sexually assaulted by four men while returning home after fetching water nearby community borehole 7 pm at

Yali village, outskirts of Yirol East County. Authority believed perpetrators who were involved in sexual assaults of the teenager were allegedly under alcohol influence.

The medical doctor who was treating the victim assured the public that a teenager had been rescued with blood transfusion, and her conditions are improving”.

County Health Director Michel Makuei Ijoung confirmed that rape survival is getting stable compared to two days back. The rape victim has lost more blood as a resulted after too much bleeding.

“In fact, from the very beginning is severe, she came with very severe bleeding and till she was donated blood when she runs out blood. So she was donated blood, and up to now, she ok. She no longer bleeding like before. She got rap at some distance with where she was living. Now she needs no referral because she ok.”

Acting Police Inspector Andrew Maguar Deng said two suspects accused of raping the young had been arrested, and two others were still running.

Police explained they would keep the two suspects in custody before they are taken to court after a thorough investigation.

“Yes, the police are following up those people, they escape one person is gone to settle village near here, and another is not heard of where he is about. Rap happened last year, and this is another surprise, one girl with four men, so we will deal with them after we detain all of them.”

Police stated that rape is one of the major crime is punishable by the laws. He appeals to young people to cease from committing rape in the Country.

In June this year, an older woman was rushed to the reproductive clinic in Mingkaman after a young man sexually assaulted her at night. And she was treated with similar severe injuries.

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