Youth activists stage protest, demanding justice for Trisha C tragic death

South Sudanese youth protesting in Juba called for justice after singer Trisha C died in the road accident.

South Sudan artists, youth activists and comedians have staged a frustrating protest on Tuesday demanding justice for local artist Trisha C’ untimely death in a tragic road accident at Mobil roundabout. 

Artist was knocked together with a motorcycle rider by a water tanker. The Boda Boda die immediately, and Trish C later passes on from a severe body injured in Egyptian hospital. 

Trisha’s dreadful death has shocked many of her supporters and citizens. According to an eyewitness, a driver who made a road accident believed an Ethiopian national. 

Anger protesters say they needed speedy justice and accountability for the person who committed a road accident. It is not the first-time water tankers were being blamed for such road accidents. People alleged some water tankers are driving recklessly.

A Female activist, her name kept anonymous, said, “young people were so oppressed, we have been watching incidents, and enough is enough. We need the system to be in place; the health care system must be put in place. A transportation system must be put in place. We need peace. 

“We are angry young people. Today we are coming here because we lost Trisha C. Where is the government when we have lost people on road accident, we have lost people from road ambushes, we have lost from unknown gunmen.” 

Artists were so irritated, saying they are tired of the government that does not intervene on citizens’ issues. And they will not leave Mobil roundabout until the minister of justice intervenes. 

The decease colleagues, 𝗔𝗸 𝗗𝗮𝗻𝘀 called the government to checked Water tank drivers if they are fit for road driving. He said Trisha C would not have died in a road accident if traffic police were busy checking for logbooks and Tinted windows. 

“The SPLM and Government of South Sudan, you have failed. Just let go. We are dying. The young generation is dying every day because of your incompetence. I gave my blood first. Meanwhile, Trisha C is still conscious and in a lot of pain, and running out of blood, a youth activist said.

After receiving my blood, the doctor asked us to go back to the hospital and bring the patient’s blood to see it’s compatible. At the same time, she refused to take my friend’s blood because he hasn’t eaten.”

Activists led the protest, the Coordinator for South Sudan Civil Society Forum Caroline Kibasa, Wani Michael, and some prominent musicians include Manasa Mathiang.

Caroline Kibasa said traffic police are “corrupt of giving driving license to unqualified foreign drivers.” They demanded blood compensation for decease victimized in the road accident.

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