Youth in lakes state ask to surrender their guns voluntarily

Lakes State Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor addressing the Chiefs on Thursday in Rumbek.

Lakes State authority has declared the registration of firearms, and youth are told to sunder their guns voluntarily. The governor’s declaration of registration of civilian’s firearms for 

State initiated the process of peaceful and voluntarily disarmament exercise during the dialogue between Chiefs and the governor, Rin Tueny Mabor, on Thursday.

State Minister of information and communication William Koji Kirjok said voluntary disarmament exercises would start immediately and last for three months. 

“We don’t mind about the source where this civilian bought guns, but what we want is to disarm them and keep the guns,” Koji said.

The official said chiefs are tasked to lead the process, convince the youth, and sunder their firearms without force.

“All the chiefs and gelwong leaders make registration of firearms and surrender them peacefully to the government before the coming season of cattle migration, he stressed.

The Paramount chief in Rumbek Central County, Sebit Kuach Manyiel, welcomed the move said the chiefs and gelwong leaders were ready for the assignment. He believes the process will be peaceful. 

Manyiel says the registration exercise of firearms will kick off on Saturday this week.

Earlier this week, Governor Ring sacked three community chiefs for an alleged youth mobilization, disputing the idea and lack of cooperation with the authorities.

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