Anataban movement called for release of detained activists

South Sudan youth movement campaigned for peace and human right

National human rights organization, Anataban has called South Sudan Police Service and National Security to release three activists arrested on Tuesday. 

James David Kolok, Michael Wani, and Mannesah Mathiang, who led the peaceful demonstration in Juba, were reportedly detained in police custody.

A group of activists, musicians, and comedians protested on March 30th after prominent singers, namely Trisha Cee, passed on from horrible road accidents.

Mourners were stunned about police service unlawful arrests that disarrayed the peaceful demonstrators in Mobil roundabout. Shocking arrested was said to “violence the constitutional rights of citizens, freedom of assembly and expression.”

Anataban and South Sudan’s youth said they were deeply concerned over the poor management of national institutions’ way of handling issues; and subsequent increase of ongoing silencing and dehumanization of youth peaceful protest and nation-building.

They called upon Police and the Judiciary to follow up the case and ensure justice for the lost lives; while urging the President to immediately create an independent National Hospitals Management Authority to look into the National hospital management deficiencies. 

Right defenders further suggested that the police consider establishing functional police units within the main hospitals to ensure timely provision and emergency services delivery.

Anataban commended the police should monitor license issuance to all drivers, introducing speed limits of not more than 40km/h within the city, Clear marking and provisions of zebra signs, and crossing on the roads. 

And the City Council and Traffic Police should have clear scrutiny over water tanks that are offering services to the public.

Anataban stated to carry their logo without a name or official stamp due to security concerns.


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