Youth Protest Against Unfair Recruitments in NGOs Sector.

Group of youth protested in Aweil town demand fair recruitment in the private sector.

Nearly one hundred angry youth in Aweil County have protested against the humanitarian organization’s employment process. The demonstrators accused NGO of “unfair recruitment.”

The move came after eighty candidates shortlisted by the Norwegian Refugee Council, but that process was later nullified.

Some youth blamed the state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission for interrupting the interviews. A group of youth moved to the Governor’s office on Thursday to report the dispute. Complainers alleged that imbalanced employment in NGOs is a violation of labor law.

Anonymous youth representative called for government intervention. “What we want the government should sit with the partner organizations and look at the recruitment process to employ qualified people rather than people they know.”

Protesters said the commission called “RRC” came to the interview place and said that these people you want to interview are not the right people we have our people who usually do the surveys.

“What happened? We were almost sitting for our interviews, and then some people came and refused the interview to take place; this is very frustrating, so where do we belong as the youth”.

The deputy secretary-general in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, Mr. Peter Aguer Muoranyar, confirmed the youth protest. He vowed the Government would investigate the disagreement.

“According to what we know now is that they say NRC is the one having a problem, and we also hear that the Government suspended the interviews.

So youth have come here to the Governor’s office looking for their right, and they are job seekers, and they have a right to know the truth. Still, it’s good that they have made a peaceful protest, I have communicated with the RRC boss, and he will come and tell us what has happened, so we shall look into this matter and solve it”.

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Deputy Director Angelo Deng Akol said they had stopped the interview because his office was not informed about the process.

“The NRC refused to understand us and called youth for an interview without our information, so we understood that we are not working on the right channel.

So we asked the security to suspend the interviews so that we can understand ourselves, but they rushed to Governor’s office to complain, but the system is in place and should be respected.” Angelo stated

The NRC head office in Aweil has confirmed that candidates shortlisted for the interviews were stopped. And the process was put on hold until the matter was resolved.

This year, a youth group wrote a petition letter to NGO in Aweil demanding fair employment.

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