“End ethnic violence and tribalism” youth told

A Banner of youth workshop on roles to promote peace.

The United Mission in South Sudan has called South Sudanese Youth to abolished tribalism, crimes and focus on the national transformation. 

UNMISS made unanimous appeals to hundreds of young people who attended a workshop in the national Juba. Young participants who participated in the training were brought from states include administrative areas.

UNMISS deputy Special Representative of Secretary-General Guang Cong said young people are the agent of change and peace. “You should change from being political victims to fashion peaceful environment.”

UN was horrified by ethnic hatred among young people that caused hate, division, and political unrest that undermined their national development and political leadership contribution.

Numerous reports indicated that young South Sudanese were the most marginalizing group used by the political players on ethnic division for political interest.

Guang urged participants to eliminated the tribal mindset and prioritized peace. UN strategy of having peace in the country is to prevent the return of civic war, build durable peace, and support inclusive accountable government and support free, fair, and peaceful elections in South Sudan.

UNMISS pledged its commitment to work with young people with different diversities to achieve viable peace in the community.

Undersecretary in the Ministry of Peace Pia Philip Michael cautioned the youth to be nationalists that promote peace, love, and social cohesion among the people. 

“We have no reason to suffer in this country. Think about what you can do to change the face of your country. South Sudan is your identity card. We should forget the blame game of where we are coming from. 

The fact that we are here now, we should think of how we can go forward. It is not about what happened. It is about how we move forward. And it is you the youth to design the future of their country how you need it to be”.

UNMISS civil Affairs Division Hazel De Wet said the opportunity of engaging youth in peacebuilding is constituted primary duty to get them in the local and national progressive transformation. 

“Young people have responsibility and obligations to how you go about national building, developing an environment that will provide sustainable peace for the general to come. And yet your immediate pass has been volatized, has been challenges and has been difficult”.

South Sudan experience political uncertainty that continues hindering development. Many young people were accused several times of jeopardizing peace in the communities through revenge killing, inter-communal violence, and regular cattle raiding.

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